No blank space is empty. You thought you were alone, but there are two here. You feel the pull of something unfamiliar, a duality of light and dark. Beyond what you can imagine exists a place with so much gravity that everything arcs upward in defiance—matter is condensed into a singularly new vision. Here the old ways are shattered and reformed into something original and more real than anything that came before. In the darkness, unfettered by senses, unlimited possibilities wait to be thought into being. You stare deeper into the blackness. Your future blinks back.

Heavy is the convergence of two brand studios for the benefit of one industry: Bold Developments. With deep roots and countless years of experience, we seek to align with the ambitious. Those seeking to create a legacy, something that will remain.

We are your co-conspirators, here to extend your vision beyond the knowable horizon. We are your voice, your dreams made clear and concrete. The guardians of your reputation. We are a deeply committed design collaboration seeking to destroy the status quo. And set a new standard with you.

Dark matter isn’t emptiness, it’s the devil in every detail. The strength behind the punch. Together we can be the black box rescued from the crash—the only thing left behind. The undeniable gravity that your next project deserves. Powered by Biography and Sovereign State. Creation doesn’t have to be hard, but it has to be Heavy.

Marlo Onilla
Chief Creative Officer

Marlo delights in destroying expectations. As Principal and Creative Director of Biography Design, he has been vital to the studio’s success since its inception. He approaches every design without preconceived notions, always allowing his sensibilities to lead him to new and higher ground. Marlo has sharpened his eye, earned his stripes, and built a staggering legacy in the design industry over the last 25 years.

Joel Gregorio
Creative Director / Strategy

Joel is the creative instigator and founder of Sovereign State. He and his team engage relentlessly with mind and heart to empower brands to stand tall in ever evolving landscapes. Joel’s 18 years of experience honing strategies and executing multi-experience design solutions across disciplines and mediums is something he wields with a steady hand and light touch that belies the strength within.

ArnoldFinal 1
Arnold Fidelino
Managing Partner

Arnold is a point-man-of-all-trades and the tireless team leader and Managing Partner at Sovereign State. Still waters run deep and so does Arnold’s business acumen, with 20 years of operations, account direction and business building experience. His expertise in account management, project management and organizational efficiencies are powerful tools always at the disposal of all of his clients and business partners.